urtica urens

Materia Medica

A remedy for agalactia and lithiasis. Profuse discharge from mucous surfaces. Enuresis and urticaria. Spleen affections. Antidotes ill-effects of eating shellfish. Symptoms return at the same time every year. Gout and uric acid diathesis. Favors elimination.

Rheumatism associated with urticaria-like eruptions. Neuritis.

Head: Vertigo, headache with spleen pains.

Abdomen: Diarrhoea chronic disease of large intestine characterized by large secretion of mucus.

Male: Itching of scrotum, keeps him awake; scrotum swollen.

Female: Diminished secretion of milk. Uterine haemorrhage. Acid and excoriating leucorrhoea. Pruritus vulvae, with stinging, itching, and oedema. Arrests flow of milk after weaning. Excessive swelling of breasts.

Extremities: Pain in acute gout deltoid; pain in ankles, wrists.

Skin: Itching blotches. Urticaria, burning heat, with formication; violent itching. Consequences of suppressed nettlerash. Rheumatism alternates with nettle-rash. Burn confined to skin. Urticaria nodosa (Bov). Erythema, with burning and stinging. Burns and scalds. Chicken-pox (Dulc). Angioneurotic oedema. Herpes labialis with sensation of heat and itching. Itching and stinging of scrotum.

Fever: General heat in bed with soreness over abdomen. Fever of gout. Tropical fever.

Modalities: Worse, from snow-air; water, cool moist air, touch.


Medusa; Nat mur; Lac can;


Bombyx; Rhus; Apis; Chloral; Astac;


Boletus luridus and Anacard (urticaria tuberosa


Lycop and Hedeoma (uric acid conditions




Ricin (diminished mammary secretion


Puls (urticaria