triosteum perfoliatum

Materia Medica

Triosteum is a very valuable remedy in diarrhoea attended with colicky pains and nausea, numbness of lower limbs after stool, and increased flow of urine; also in influenza. Quiets nervous symptoms (Coffea, Hyos). Biliousness. Bilious colic.

Head: Occipital pain, with nausea on rising, followed by vomiting. Influenza, with aching pains all over, and heat in the limbs. Ozaena; frontal pain.

Stomach: Loathing of food; nausea on rising, followed by vomiting and cramps. Stools watery, frothy.

Extremities: Stiffness of all joints; calves numb; aching in bones. Rheumatic pain in back. Pains in limbs.

Skin: Itching welts. Urticaria from gastric derangement.