theridion curassavicum

Materia Medica

Nervous hyperaesthesia. Has affinity for the tubercular diathesis. Vertigo, sick headache, peculiar pain around heart region, phthisis florida, scrofula have all been treated successfully with this remedy. Sensitive to noise; it penetrates the body, especially teeth. Noises seem to strike on painful spots over the body. Rachitis, caries, necrosis. Phthisis, stitch high up in left apex (Anthrax). Where the indicated remedy does not hold long.

Mind: Restless; finds pleasure in nothing. Time passes too quickly.

Head: Pain worse anyone walking over floor. Vertigo, with nausea and vomiting on least motion, particularly when closing eyes.

Eyes: Luminous vibrations before eyes; sensitive to light. Pressure behind eyeballs. Throbbing over left eye.

Nose: Discharge yellowish, thick, offensive; ozaena (Puls; Thuja).

Stomach: Seasickness. Nausea and vomiting when closing eyes and on motion (Tabac). Stinging pain on left side over anterior aspect of spleen. Burning in liver region.

Respiratory: Pain in upper left chest (Myrt; Pix; Anis). Pain in left floating ribs. Cardiac anxiety and pain. Pinching in left pectoral muscle.

Back: Sensitiveness between vertebrae; avoids pressure on spine. Stinging pains.

Skin: Stinging thrusts everywhere. Sensitive skin in thighs. Itching sensations.

Modalities: Worse, touch; pressure; on shipboard; riding in carriage; closing eyes; jar; noise, coitus; left side.