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Materia Medica

Catarrhal symptoms, especially of the respiratory tract, and distinct eye symptoms of a paralytic type, are most characteristic. Circumscribed spots in chest left after inflammations.

Mind: Suddenly remembers unimportant regions which he saw long ago. Inclined to quarrel.

Head: Dullness, with pressure and weakness of eyes. Pain in temples. Bursting pain in forehead.

Eyes: Hyperphoria, better by bending head backwards. Acts on the rectus superior. Blepharitis; lids dry and crusty (Graph). Dryness, with sensation as if too large for orbits. Starting. Lachrymation. Flickering; must wipe eyes frequently. Objects look shaded. Muscular asthenopia (Caust). Double vision; better only by bending head backward. Opacities of the vitreous humor. Promotes absorption of fragments of lens, after operation.

Nose: Dry. Coryza; much watery mucus and sneezing. Nostrils feel peppery.

Face: Paralysis of left side of face. Heat in face. Burning vesicles in corners of mouth and lips.

Throat: Catarrhal inflammation of throat and fauces, with scraping hoarseness. Burning and rawness. Sensation as if membrane had been abraded.

Respiratory: Hoarseness. Hurts to talk. Bursting pain in back on coughing. Catarrh of larynx. Loss of voice. Hacking cough. Thorax feels too narrow. Cough often ends in a sneeze. Rattling in chest (Tart emet). Chest oppressed on ascending. Bronchial catarrh, with sore chest walls; much mucus; sensation of oppression and weight of chest. Difficult raising of tough, profuse mucus, in the aged. Asthenic bronchitis of old people with chronic interstitial nephritis or chronic emphysema. Old asthmatics with congestive attacks. Exudations in Pleura. Hydrothorax (Merc sulph). Pressure on chest as though lungs were forced back to spine. Voice unsteady, vocal cords partially paralyzed.

Urinary: Greatly diminished; loaded with shreds and mucus; scalding before and after urinating. Back, bursting distending pain in kidney region.

Modalities: Worse, walking in open air, during rest. Better, from sweat; bending head backwards.


Caust; Phos; Saponin; Ammon; Calc; Nepeta cataria-Catnip (to break up a cold; infantile colic: hysteria