polygonum hydropiperoides

Materia Medica

Metrorrhagia, also Amenorrhoea in young girls. Varicosis; haemorrhoids and rectal pockets. Burning in stomach followed by feeling of coldness in the pit of the stomach.

Abdomen: Griping pain, with great rumbling, nausea, and liquid feces. Flatulent colic.

Rectum: Interior of anus studded with itching eminence. Haemorrhoids. Liquid feces.

Urinary: Painful constriction at neck of bladder.

Female: Aching pains in hips and loins. Sensation as if hips were being drawn together. Sensation of weight and tension within pelvis. Shooting pains through breasts. Amenorrhoea.

Skin: Superficial ulcers and sores on lower extremities, especially in females at climacteric.


Carduus mar (ulcers


Hamam; Senecio;


Polygonum sagitatum-arrow-leaved. Tear-thumb--(2x for pains of nephritic colic; suppurative nephritis; lancinating pains along spine; itching of hard palate; burning inner side of right foot and ankle. C. M. Boger


Polygonum aviculare-knot-grass--(in material doses of tincture, found useful in phthisis pulmonalis and intermittent fever, and especially in arterio-sclerosis. Erythema


Polygonum persicaria (renal colic and calculi; gangrene