Materia Medica

Should not be forgotten in the treatment of tubercular meningitis, both as a local application to the head and internally (Bacil). Tuberculous conditions. Subacute and chronic diarrhoea of children.

Head: Sharp, neuralgic pain. Head feels heavy, as if it could not be lifted from pillow. Itching of occiput. Meningitis. Sleep interrupted by sighing and cries. Very drowsy.

Eyes: Pupils, dilated; contract unequally, react poorly. Diplopia. Failing sight due to retro-bulbar neuritis, central scotoma-partial atrophy of optic disc.

Chest: Sore pain in apex of right lung. Feeling of a weight on chest, as if smothering. Cough and wheezing on going to bed. Pain in left breast, like a hand grasping at the base of the heart. Haemoptysis. Asthmatic breathing.

Abdomen: Scaphoid abdomen. Chronic diarrhoea with suspected tuberculosis. Abdomen distended; mesenteric glands enlarged. Cholera infantum. Chronic diarrhoea; stools greenish, watery, undigested, with irritable temper.

Extremities: Legs weak; cannot stand and walk with eyes closed. Weakness of knees when going upstairs.