indium metallicum

Materia Medica

Headaches and migraine. Seminal emissions. Backache.

Head: Pain in head when straining at stool. Bursting in head during stool. Dull pains in temples and forehead, with nausea, weakness, sleepiness. Gone feeling in stomach about 11 am. Violent attack of sneezing. Sexual psychopathy.

Face: Painful suppurating pimples. Corners of mouth cracked and sore (Condur).

Male: Horribly offensive smell of urine after standing a short time. Emissions too frequent. Diminished power. Testicles tender; drawing pains along spermatic cord.

Throat: Uvula enlarged, ulcerated; thick, tough mucus in back part of pharynx. Worse evening.

Extremities: Stiffness in neck and shoulders. Pain, especially in left arm. Legs restless and weary. Toes itch (Agar).