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Materia Medica

Its action on skin, mucous membranes, and kidneys is prompt and useful. It is strongly antiparasitic; redness, pain and inflammation; decreases tension. Excellent in winter coughs of old people. Polyarthritis. Chronic rheumatism. Uric acid diathesis. Hay-fever. Chronic hives. Tuberculosis, aids nutrition. Alcoholism when nothing will stay on stomach.

Mind: Irritable and depressed. Forgetful, lack of concentration.

Head: Dull, aching; better cold, pressure. Dull frontal and supra-orbital headache; worse moving eyes, cold air; better, warmth.

Face: Skin feels dry and itches. Acne on chin.

Throat: Irritated; pain to ears; sore, dry, with hawking and expectoration.

Eyes: Burn, red; worse, any change of temperature.

Nose: Bland coryza; stuffed feeling; feels sore inside. Irresistible desire to sneeze.

Stomach: Disagreeable taste, burning sensation, very thirsty. Nausea. Increased appetite.

Abdomen: Disposition to soft, shapeless stools. Griping in umbilical and left hypogastric region. Early morning diarrhoea.

Urine: Increased in quantity and frequency. Burning pain in meatus. Uric acid deposits.

Female: Fullness in lower abdomen. Nausea at time of menses.

Respiratory: Coryza; dry, teasing cough. Bronchiectasis and phthisis. Bronchitis, especially of the aged.

Skin: Heat and irritation; itching. Scaly and itching eczema. Crops of boils. Pruritus of pregnancy. Psorisis, Acne, rosacea, erysipelas.

Extremities: Lameness in right shoulder and right lower extremity.


Hepar; Calc; Silica; Sulph; Ars; Petrol