geranium maculatum

Materia Medica

Habitual sick headaches. Profuse, haemorrhages, pulmonary and from different organs. Vomiting of blood. Ulceration of stomach. Atonic and foul ulcers. Summer complaint.

Head: Giddiness, with diplopia; better, closing eyes. Ptosis and dilated pupils. Sick headache.

Mouth: Dry; tip of tongue burning. Pharyngitis.

Stomach: Catarrhal gastritis with profuse secretion, tendency to ulceration and passive haemorrhage. Lessens the vomiting in gastric ulcer.

Stool: Constant desire to go to stool, with inability to pass anything for some time. Chronic diarrhoea, with offensive mucus. Constipation.

Female: Menses too profuse. Post-partum haemorrhage. Sore nipples (Eup arom).


Geranin 1x. Constant hawking and spitting in elderly people.


Hydrastinin; Cinch; Sabin


Erodium-Hemlock-Stork's bill--(a popular haemostatic in Russia, and especially used for metrorrhagia and menorrhagia