erigeron canadense

Materia Medica

Haemorrhages are caused and cured by this remedy. Persistent haemorrhage from the bladder. Haemorrhage from the uterus, with painful micturition. Profuse bright-red blood. Pain in left ovary and hip. Chronic gonorrhoea, with burning micturition; continual dribbling. Dysentery, with soreness and burning in bladder. Tympanites.

Female: Metrorrhagia, with violent irritation of rectum and bladder, and prolapsus uteri. Bright-red flow. Menorrhagia; profuse leucorrhoea; bloody lochia returns after least motion, comes in gushes; between periods, leucorrhoea with urinary irritation; pregnant women with "weak uterus;" a bloody discharge on slight exertion. Bleeding haemorrhoids; nosebleed instead of menses (Bry).

Modalities: Worse, left side.


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