convallaria majalis

Materia Medica

A heart remedy. Increases energy of hearts' action, renders it more regular. Of use when the ventricles are overdistended and dilatation begins, and when there is an absence of compensatory hypertrophy, and when venous stasis is marked. Dyspnoea, dropsy, aneuric tendency. Anasarca.

Mind and Head: Dull intellect. Grieves easily. Dull headache; worse, ascending, hawking. Scalp sensitive. Irritability. Hysterical manifestations.

Face: Hydroa in nose and lips; raw and sore. Epistaxis. Sees imaginary gray spot about three inches square.

Mouth: Grating of teeth in the morning. Coppery taste. Tongue feels sore and scalded; broad and thick with heavy, dirty coating.

Throat: Raw feeling in back of throat when inspiring.

Abdomen: Sensitive. Clothes feel too tight. Gurgling and pain on taking deep breath. Movement in abdomen like fist of a child. Colicky pains.

Urinary Organs: Aching in bladder; feels distended. Frequent urination; offensive; scanty urine.

Female: Great soreness in uterine region, with sympathetic palpitation of heart. Pain in sacro-iliac joints, running down leg. Itching at urinary meatus and vaginal orifice.

Respiratory: Pulmonary congestion. Orthopnea. Dyspnoea while walking. Hot feeling in throat.

Heart: Feeling as if heart beat throughout the chest. Endocarditis, with extreme orthopnea. Sensation as if heart ceased beating, then starting very suddenly. Palpitation from the least exertion. Tobacco heart, especially when due to cigarettes. Angina pectoris. Extremely rapid and irregular pulse.

Back and Extremities: Pain and aching in lumbar region; aching of legs; in big toe. Trembling of hands. Aching in wrists and ankles.

Fever: Chilly in back and down spine, followed by fever, little sweat. Thirst and headache during chill. Dyspnoea during fever.


Digit; Crataeg; Lilium;


Adonis (feeble heart action due only to functional disturbance


Better, in open air. Worse, in warm room