cina maritima

Materia Medica

This is a children's remedy,-big, fat, rosy, scrofulous, corresponding to many conditions that may be referred to intestinal irritation, such as worms and accompanying complaints. An irritability of temper, variable appetite, grinding of teeth, and even convulsions, with screams and violent jerkings of the hands and feet, are all within its range of action. The Cina patient is hungry, cross, ugly, and wants to be rocked. Pain in shocks. Skin sensitive to touch.

Mind: Ill-humor. Child very cross; does not want to be touched, or crossed, or carried. Desires many things, but rejects everything offered. Abnormal consciousness, as if having committed some evil deed.

Head: Headache, alternating with pain in abdomen. Relieved by stooping (Mezer). Pain in head when using eyes.

Eyes: Dilated pupils; yellow vision. Weak sight from masturbation. Strabismus from abdominal irritation. Eyestrain, especially when presbyopia sets in. Pulsation of superciliary muscle.

Ears: Digging and scratching in ears.

Nose: Itching of nose all the time. Wants to rub it and pick at it. Bores at nose till it bleeds.

Face: Intense, circumscribed redness of cheeks. Pale, hot, with dark rings around eyes. Cold perspiration. White and bluish about the mouth. Grits teeth during sleep. Choreic movements of face and hands.

Stomach: Gets hungry soon after a meal. Hungry, digging, gnawing sensation. Epigastric pain; worse, first waking in morning and before meals. Vomiting and diarrhoea immediately after eating or drinking. Vomiting with a clean tongue. Desires many and different things. Craving for sweets.

Abdomen: Twisting pain about navel (Spig). Bloated and hard abdomen.

Stool: White mucus, like small pieces of popped corn, preceded by pinching colic. Itching of anus (Teuc). Worms (Sabad; Naphth; Nat phos).

Urine: Turbid, white; turns milky on standing. Involuntary at night.

Female: Uterine haemorrhage before puberty.

Respiratory: Gagging cough in the morning. Whooping-cough. Violent recurring paroxysms, as of down in throat. Cough ends in a spasm. Cough so violent as to bring tears and sternal pains; feels as if something had been torn off. Periodic; returning spring and fall. Swallows after coughing. Gurgling from throat to stomach after coughing. Child is afraid to speak or move for fear of bringing on paroxysm of coughing. After coughing, moaning, anxious, gasps for air and turns pale.

Extremities: Twitching and jerking distortion of limbs, trembling. Paralyzed shocks; patient will jump suddenly, as though in pain. Child throws arms from side to side. Nocturnal convulsions. Sudden inward jerking of fingers of right hand. Child stretches out feet spasmodically. Left foot in constant spasmodic motion.

Sleep: Child gets on hands and knees in sleep; on abdomen. Night terrors of children; cries out, screams, wakes frightened. Troubles while yawning. Screams and talks in sleep. Grits teeth.

Fever: Light chill. Much fever, associated with clean tongue. Much hunger; colicky pains; chilliness, with thirst. Cold sweat on forehead, nose, and hands. In Cina fever, face is cold and hands warm.

Modalities: Worse, looking fixedly at an object, from worms, at night, in sun, in summer.


Camph; Caps


Santonin--(often preferable in worm affections; same symptoms as Cina; corresponding to the "pain in shocks" produced by Cina. Visual illusions, yellow sight; violet light not recognized, colors not distinguishable. Urine deep saffron color. Spasms and twitchings, chronic gastric and intestinal troubles sometimes removed by a single dose (physiological)


of Santonin. Dahlke). Helmintochortos-Worm-moss (acts very powerfully on intestinal worms, especially the lumbricoid). Teucrium; Ignat; Cham; Spig