cannabis sativa

Materia Medica

Seems to affect especially the urinary, sexual, and respiratory organs. It has characteristic sensations as of dropping water. Great fatigue, as from over-exertion; weary after meals. Choking in swallowing; things go down the wrong way. Stuttering. Confusion of thought and speech. Wavering speech. Wavering speech, hasty, incoherent.

Head: Lectophobia. Vertigo; sensation of dropping water on head. Pressure on root of nose.

Eyes: Opacity of cornea. Cataract from nervous disturbances, abuse of alcohol and tobacco; patient feels deeply approaching blindness. Misty sight. Pressure from back of eyes, forward. Gonorrhoeal ophthalmia. Eyeballs ache. Scrofulous eye troubles (Sulph; Calc).

Urine: Retained, with obstinate constipation. Painful urging. Micturition in split stream. Stitches in urethra. Inflamed sensation, with soreness to touch. Burning while urinating, extending to bladder. Urine scalding, with spasmodic closure of sphincter. Gonorrhoea, acute stage; urethra very sensitive. Walks with legs apart. Dragging in testicles. Zigzag pain along urethra. Sexual overexcitement. Urethral caruncle (Eucalypt), phimosis. Stoppage of urethra by mucus and pus.

Female: Amenorrhoea when physical powers have been overtaxed, also with constipation.

Respiratory: Oppression of breathing and palpitation; must stand up. Weight on chest; rattling wheezing breathing. Cough, with green viscid, also bloody, expectoration.

Heart: Sensation as if drops were falling from the heart. Painful strokes and tension with palpitation. Pericarditis.

Sleep: Frightful dreams. More tired in morning. Sleepy during day.

Extremities: Contraction of fingers after a sprain. Dislocation of patella on going upstairs. Feet feel heavy on going upstairs. Paralytic tearing pains. Affections of the ball of the foot and under part of toes.

Modalities: Worse, lying down; going upstairs.


Camph; Lemon juice


Hedysarum-Brazilian Burdock--(Gonorrhoea and inflammation of penis


Canth; Apis; Copaiva; Thuj; Kal nit