asclepias cornuti

Materia Medica

Seems to act especially on nervous system and urinary organs. A remedy for dropsy, hepatic, renal or cardiac and post-scarlatinal; causes diaphoresis and augments the urinary secretion. Acute rheumatic inflammation of large joints. Intermittent, pressing-down uterine pains.

Head: Feels as if a sharp instrument were thrust through from temple to temple. Constriction across forehead. Nervous headache, after suppressed perspiration, followed by increased urine, with increase of specific gravity. Headache from retention of effete matters in system.


Asclepias Vincetoxicum.--Swallow-wart.--Cynanchum--(A gastro-intestinal irritant, producing vomiting and purgation).


--(Useful in dropsy, diabetes, great thirst, profuse urination