Zincum Aceticum.

Acetate of Zinc. Zn(C2H3O2)23H2O. Solution.

Clinical.-Diarrhoea. Erysipelas. Gastritis. Night-watching, effects of. Toothache.

Characteristics.-Zn. ac. was proved by Hahnemann and others. The most Peculiar Symptoms were these: "Brain feels sore and as if sprinkled with salt." "Throat seems too tight and tongue too short." There was toothache < by touch. Shaking chill during and after vomiting. Empty, hungry sensation. Pain and paralytic condition of arms. The symptoms were < in evening. < By motion. < Walking in open air. The only clinical uses of Zn. ac. I am acquainted with I learned from Burnett. He used Rademacher's solution of Zinc in Acetic Acid, and gave 5-drop doses three times a day in water to nurses and others who were compelled to work on an insufficient amount of sleep. I have verified the great utility of this. Another use to which Burnett put it was in erysipelas of old people. In the provers it produced a pustular eruption on forehead and knee; and the latter was attended with voluptuous itching.



1. Mind.-Anxious, quiet, does not speak a word; asked how she feels, says, "Let me alone, I shall soon be better."

2. Head.-Heaviness of head.-Throbbing headache, as if it would come out at forehead.-Frontal headache, as if brain sore and sprinkled with salt.-Dull, sticking, painful sensation in forehead.-Stitches: in forehead; needle-like in l. temple.

4. Ears.-L. ear swollen internally, painful on inserting finger and on external touch.

6. Face.-Face pale; look anxious.

8. Mouth.-Tearing pain in teeth, esp. when touched.-Blister on forepart of gum, painful as if burnt.-Mouth feels burnt.-Bitter taste in mouth.

9. Throat.-Throat feels too tight and tongue too short.

11. Stomach.-Eructations: empty; ineffectual; sour, with shaking chill; tasting of food eaten three hours before.-Nausea followed by needle-like stitches in throat, then vomiting of bitter, sour mucus, whereby the sticking was