Vinca Minor.

Vinca minor. Lesser Periwinkle. (Woods and shady places.) N. O. Apocynaceae. Tincture of whole fresh plant.

Clinical.-Acne. Alopecia. Crusta lactea. Eczema. Favus. Neck, stiff. Nose, redness of. Plica polonica. Seborrhoea. Throat, sore. Uterus, bleeding from.

Characteristics.-Vinca was proved by Rosenburg on four healthy persons, who took the tincture in 20- to 60-drop doses. It produced a deep impression on the organism and tissues. Weakness and prostration accompanied many of the sufferings; the stool caused exhaustion; great debility accompanied the uterine haemorrhage. There was "weakness as if he would die"; inclination to stretch; tremulousness and tendency to start, especially on exciting the mind; and tremulousness in all the blood-vessels. Allied to this an empty, all-gone sensation appeared in the stomach and chest. A corresponding deep impression was made on the tissues: blood and blood-vessels; skin, hair, and nails; bones. In passive uterine haemorrhages Vinca has a wide range. This case is related in Ind. H. R. (ix. 113): Uterine haemorrhage, blood dark red, flow copious, uninterrupted, with extreme debility. Chi. and Helon. failed to relieve; Vinca 1x effected a rapid and permanent cure. Frequent nose-bleed is another effect of Vinca. And there is a curious symptom in connection with the nose which it is well to remember: it "becomes red from the slightest cause; when the least bit angry." There are scabby eruptions about the nose and on the septum, which are part of the general skin effect of the remedy. It causes corrosive itching of the skin provoking scratching; moist spots, and burning in ulcers. The most characteristic effect is on the scalp, where it produces a condition having many features of crusta lactea, favus, and plica polonica. I have cured with Vinca "sore spots on the scalp" in a young lady. A number of symptoms were produced in the throat and oesophagus. C. M. Boger records this case (M. Coun., xvi. 265): Woman, 31, had a cutting sensation in lower part of oesophagus while swallowing food, continuing after. Empty faintness in stomach > by eating. Stomach sore to touch or pressure of clothing. Constipation from induration of faeces. Haemorrhoids constantly sore, smarting after stool. Vinca 41m (Fincke) cured. Peculiar Sensations are: As if a hammer were beating from within outwards in vertex. Cold wind in ears. As if something sticking low down in oesophagus. As if a weight lying on cervical muscles. As if he would die from weakness. The left side was most affected. A peculiar symptom was distension of abdomen after stool. "Toothache > in warmth of bed" is unusual. The symptoms are: < On stooping. < Walking. < Reading. > Moving in open air. Toothache > by warmth of bed. Drinking moving about in open air.

25. Skin.-Great sensitiveness of skin, with redness or soreness even from slight irritation.-Burning in the ulcers like bed-sores on l. buttock.-Corrosive itching provoking scratching.-Itching, moist spots on upper part r. ankle.

26. Sleep.-Frequent yawning.-Sleeplessness and restlessness at night.-Lascivious dreams.

27. Fever.-Sudden paroxysms of shivering.-Heat with firm, hard pulse.-Great warmth in scalp with prickling.-Heat of cheeks with redness.-Tremor in every blood-vessel.