Vaccinium Myrtillus.

Whortleberry. Bilberry. N. O. Vacciniaceae. Tincture of fresh berries.

Clinical.-Diarrhoea. Dysentery.

Characteristics.-My attention was first drawn to this remedy by Dr. A. H. Croucher in an article published in the Homoeopathic Review many years ago, giving cases of inveterate diarrhoea cured by it. This experience I have repeatedly confirmed. I have always used it in the Ø tincture, generally giving 5-drop doses every four hours. It is especially applicable to vaccinal, malarial, and dysenteric cases. Whortleberry is a close relative of Cranberry, and the natural order is allied to the Ericaceae. It is a native of heathy and swampy mountainous regions.

Relations.-Compare: Simaruba, China, Rheum, Merc.