Trituration of the copper-red crystals obtained from the slag at the bottom of a blast iron furnace. consisting of Titan. cyanide and Titan. nitride.

Clinical.-Hemiopia. Semen, too early ejaculation of.

Characteristics.-Titanium (Ti., A. W. 48.1) stands midway between Silicon and Tin in some of its relations; and in other respects it is closely related to Iron, Chromium, and Aluminium. The crystals proved by Sharp (who took gr. ii. of the 1st trit. daily for a week) were originally believed to be the pure metal, but were proved later to be the cyanonitrid. One symptom of the proving is remarkable: "Imperfect vision, the peculiarity being that half an object only could be seen." Another symptom, which Burnett has turned to good account in cases of sexual weakness, is "Too, early ejaculation of semen in coitus."

Relations.-Compare: Half-sight, Nat. c., Lyc., Aur., Lith.


2. Head.-Giddiness.

3. Eyes.-Desire to keep eyelids closed.-Only half an object could be seen at once.

11. Stomach.-Loss of appetite.-Nausea.-Discomfort in stomach.

24. Generalities.-Greatly disordered; felt and looked wretchedly ill.

15. Male Sexual Organs.-Too early ejaculation of semen.