Solanum Arrebenta.

Solanum rebenta. Arrebenta cevallos (Brazilian name). Trituration of the leaves. Tincture of the leaves.

Clinical.-Apoplexy. Boils. Breasts, swelling of. Glands, swelling of. Urticaria. Vertigo.

Characteristics.-Mure, who proved Sol. arr., says of it: "The bush grows spontaneously in the provinces of Rio Janeiro, along roads and in cultivated places. It is from ten to sixteen inches high." Among the symptoms "Redness of face and rush of blood to brain" recalls Bell., as do the swelling and pains in breasts.


1. Mind.-Impatient and irritated by trifling causes.

2. Head.-Vertigo after bathing.-Headache.

6. Face.-Redness of face, and rush of blood to brain.

8. Mouth.-Doughy mouth in morning.

10. Appetite.-Loss of appetite.-Constant thirst.

1l. Stomach.-Swelling of stomach.-Difficult digestion.

18. Chest.-Superficial ulceration below l. nipple.-Pain at pectoralis major.-Glandular swelling in r, breast.-Lancinations in breasts.

22. Upper Limbs.-Painful boil below r. axilla.-Swelling of axillary glands.

25. Skin.-Suppuration of boils.-Urticaria.-Paleness and greenish colour of the skin after a few days of proving.

26. Sleep.-Waking with a start.-Dreams about quarrels and murders.

27. Fever.-Slight fever.-Flash of heat all over.