Convolvulus scammonia. Scammony. N. O. Convolvulaceae. Triturations of the dried milky juice of the root.

Clinical.-Diarrhoea. Gastro-enteritis.

Characteristics.-Scam. is a drastic cathartic, producing copious watery evacuations, and griping a good deal. Sprengel records a case of fatal poisoning in an infant whose mother took a large quantity of Scam., and herself suffered no effects. Scam. must be compared with Jalap., another purging convolvulus.


11, 12. Stomach and Abdomen.-Sudden vomiting and copious green stools, distension and sensitiveness of abdomen and death (in an infant whose nursing mother took a large dose of Scam. and herself experienced no symptoms).-Slight pain in stomach with evacuation of faeces.-Violent pain and rapid succession of stools, leaving inactivity of lower intestines for several days.-Inflammation of mucous membrane attended with loss of appetite and headache.

13. Stool.-Loose evacuation of faeces with slight pain in stomach.-Green stools.-Rapid succession of stools.