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A proteolytic ferment found in the gastric juice. The Pepsin in general use is extracted from the stomach of the pig. [Alcohol, tannin, and the alkaline carbonates destroy its power. It is prepared in granular form or in glycerinated extract for general use. Homoeopathic attenuations maybe made by triturating the secretory layer of a fresh pig's-stomach; by triturating the granular Pepsin with sugar of milk; or by making the lower attenuations of the liquid extracts with distilled water.]


Characteristics.-Pepsin. has been supposed to act purely as a digestive, but recent discoveries in regard to the action of the sarcodes makes this now scarcely tenable. Pepsin. may digest the contents of the stomach; but, like the secretions of other glands, it will in all probability act also, by its specific affinity, on the secretory tissues of the stomach itself.