Scallop. N. O. Pectinidae. Trituration or tincture of the animal.

Clinical.-Asthma; humid.

Characteristics.-Swan (Org., ii. 449), having learned "from a gentleman that every time he entered a room where scallops were being opened he had such a severe attack of asthma that he had to leave or suffocate," potentised the Scallop, and used the preparation with success in similar cases. T. Franklin Smith (Ibid.) reports a case of humid asthma cured quickly and permanently with Pecten 1m. and c.m., characterised as follows: Quick, laboured breathing; cannot lie flat or on left side; constriction of chest, especially right side. Attacks preceded for two or three days by sneezing and excessive coryza; burning sensation in throat and chest; fulness of head; pulse very quick and wiry; subsequently copious expectoration of tough, stringy, and frothy mucus. Cough < after 6 p.m. Symptoms < at night. Arsen. did not relieve.