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Testicular Extract. Spermin. A Sarcode. Trituration.

Clinical.-Climacteric, sufferings of. Debility. Sexual weakness. Senility.

Characteristics.-The use of a testicular extract in cases of senile decay and nervous breakdown was first proposed by Brown-Sequard, and formed one of the examples by which he illustrated his doctrine of "inner secretions." He maintained that the various glands of the organism had, in addition to their obvious secretion or excretion, an additional secretion which was not obvious, but which materially contributed to the welfare of the organism. The doctrine is now generally accepted, and the use of the Sarcodes in general medicine is based upon it. Homoeopathy can use these remedies in both ways. Orch. has been used with success, in the triturations, in climacteric sufferings; and in old-school practice in the sequelae of ovariotomy, in cases of debility, sexual weakness, and premature senile decay.

Relations.-Compare: Oophorin.