Mercurius Sulphocyanatus.

Sulphocyanide of Mercury. (Pharaoh's Serpents.) Hg(SCN)2.

Clinical.-Diphtheria. Å’sophagus, stricture of.

Characteristics.-The well-known scientific toy called "Pharaoh's serpents" is composed of the sulphocyanide of mercury. A boy ate one "serpent," and a man took one in water. The symptoms were observed on these two.


1. Mind.-Excessive anxiety.

2. Head.-Vertigo on attempting to rise.

6. Face.-Pallor, great weakness, cold skin, and frequent shivering.

8. Mouth.-Constant salivation.-Disgusting metallic taste.

9. Throat.-Extreme redness of throat, with white membrane on tonsils.-Most violent burning in fauces.-Heat and constriction in oesophagus, with difficulty in swallowing and burning in epigastric region and nausea.

11. Stomach.-Vomiting.-Epigastrium painful to pressure.

13. Stool.-Bloody stools.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Voice rough and hoarse.-Tenacious expectoration.

19. Heart.-Pulse intermitting every three beats.

22. Upper Limbs.-Pain in shoulder-joint.

24. Generalities.-General prostration for some days.