Mercurius Praecipitatus Albus.

White Precipitate. Mercurammonium chloride. NH2HgCl. Trituration.

Clinical.-Dwarfism. Eczema faciei.

Characteristics.-The symptoms of Merc. praecip. alb. are taken entirely from poisonings. The most peculiar symptoms are: Green tongue; bilious stools scalding anus; and the old-mannish appearance of a child poisoned with it. Mossa (H. R., ix. 28) relates (1) a case of chronic eczema of the face in an elderly man, a moistening eruption < in winter and from exposure to cold; vesicles on a reddened, swollen skin dry into scales which exfoliate; eyelids, especially lower, oedematous, corners reddened; lachrymation; ear involved; itching and burning on head preventing sleep. Merc. praecip. alb. 3 gr. i. every third day. First the burning itching ceased. Then formation of blisters abated. Exfoliation continued a long time, but the skin finally became normal. (2) Girl, 2, eruption on face and large part of scalp, covered with thick yellow crust, matter exuding from cracks. Offensive odour; swollen cervical glands. Merc. praecip. alb. 3 gr. i once in three days cured in four weeks.

Relations.-Compare: Dwarfish children, Bar. c., Syph. Eczema, Mez., Æthiops. ant.


6. Face.-Face: much flushed; greatly swollen.-In one night a child (poisoned with 20 gr.) had undergone a remarkable change; had become in appearance "quite an old man."

8. Mouth.-Gums much swollen.-Tongue: much coated; thick greenish fur.

11. Stomach.-Thirst urgent.-Nausea and vomiting.-Vomits deeply blood-stained fluid.-Much pain at stomach.

12. Abdomen.-After half an hour pain began in epigastrium, gradually spreading over whole abdomen.-Great pain in abdomen; continuing after taking any, even liquid, food, for more than a week.-Constant griping.-Whole abdomen painful to pressure.

13. Stool and Anus.-One copious stool with mucous shreds in some quantities, much dark blood.-Numerous scanty stools with much blood.-Almost pure bile causing great scalding of anus.

24. Generalities.-Slight subsultus.-Collapse.-During the night the child shrieked as from great pain, in the morning it had changed to the appearance of an old man.

26. Sleep.-Drowsy, semi-comatose.

27. Fever.-Cold, clammy skin, much congestion of cutaneous vessels.-General perspiration.