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Linaria vulgaris. Toad-flax. N. O. Scrophulariaceae. Tincture of fresh plant.

Clinical.-Diarrhoea. Enuresis. Fainting. Haemorrhoids. Ophthalmia. Tongue, roughness of; prickling on.

Characteristics.-Linaria has been proved by Müller, Raidl, and others. It produced confusion in the head; thirst, with rough tongue; constriction of the throat; nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea; profuse urination; oppression of the breathing and stitches in the chest. Farrington commends it for cardiac fainting: "faints dead away without apparent cause"; and also in enuresis: "enuresis with frequent painful urging to urinate causing patient to rise at night." Carleton (H. P., xii. 526) has seen it produce,: "fainting feeling three or four times a day; fainted away completely once." Coldness was a prominent feature, and the symptoms were much < by walking in open air; > by taking tea with milk. In domestic practice Linar. has long been used as a lotion for inflamed eyes, and as an application for painful piles. It is said to be purgative and diuretic.

Relations.-Antidoted by: tea in milk. Compare: Digit. (fainting), and other Scrophulariae. Caust., Eu. purp., Equiset. (enuresis).


1. Mind.-Peevish mind.-Indifference.-Stupid feeling of indifference, ill-humour, with dull pain in forehead, with heat after the sleep, lasting till midnight.

2. Head.-Confusion of the head with irresistible sleepiness.-Pressure in forehead.

8. Mouth.-Dryness of tongue, morning on waking, with thirst for water before rising, water tasted badly, seemed rough, glided unpleasantly over tongue, papillae elevated.-Burning prickling on tongue, extending down into throat, smoking = tickling irritation to cough, could scarcely continue to smoke.-Saliva increased, frequent spitting.-Taste of blood in mouth.

9. Throat.-Sensation of constriction in throat; as if a ball lodged in it which should be swallowed.

11. Stomach.-Appetite: diminished; lost.-Thirst.-Eructations: frequent, preceding and following usual stool; of odourless air, afterwards also of water; sweetish; bitter.-General sick feeling with sleepiness and sleep for two hours (10 a.m. to 12).-Vomiting of thin, mucous substances followed by disappearance of all gastric symptoms.-Very acute pressure in stomach < by touch.

12. Abdomen.-Griping about umbilicus, increasing in intensity from time to time.-Rumbling, and in the course of two hours five watery stools with very little pigment.-Griping, half an hour afterwards a watery stool.

13. Stool and Anus.-Burning in anus.-Diarrhoea; stools thin; ten watery, bileless stools with much flatus.-Very dark-coloured faeces.

14. Urinary Organs.-Great desire; frequent inclination; quantity increased and frothy.-Urine very high-coloured, like dark beer, passed more frequently.-(Enuresis.)

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Menses a few days early.-Menses which had just ceased returned the same day she took a new dose.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Violent paroxysm of cough, obliged to stand quite still to cough it out and regain breath.

18. Chest.-Oppression, making respiration difficult and causing cough.-Transient stitches here and there, deep in chest and abdomen.

24. Generalities.-General prostration.-Symptoms > for short time after drinking tea with milk; severely and persistently < on walking in open air.

25. Skin.-Itching in throat, chest, and upper back.

26. Sleep.-Frequent yawning and stretching with feeling of weakness and prostration.-Irresistible sleepiness.-Sleep forepart of night, quiet and refreshing as if he had slept all night; rest of night sleepless with confused dreams towards morning.

27. Fever.-Coldness.-Alternations of chills and heat.