Latrodectus Katipo.

Latrodectus katipo. N. O. Arachnida. Tincture of living spider.

Clinical.-Chorea. Faintness. Heart, slow. Nettle-rash. Å’dema.

Characteristics.-Katipo is a venomous spider found in New Zealand and some parts of California. The symptoms recorded are the effects of bites. The seat of a bite becomes immediately painful and swelling occurs. In some cases the swelling does not come on until some days after the bite. In one case, five days after the bite, a scarlet papulous rash appeared on both extremities, burning like fire. Lassitude, faintness, twitchings, and in one case trismus were noted. The symptoms were somewhat slow in evolution, and in a fatal case, that of a girl bitten on the abdomen, death did not occur until six weeks after the bite.

Relations.-Compare: Lat. mact., Tarent., Mygale., Aranea, Apis, Vespa, and serpent poisons.


1. Mind.-Delirium, half smothered by imperfect intoxication.-Nervous depression.

6. Face.-Anxious expression.-Extreme pallor changing to blue tint, of face and body.-Jaws stiff very soon, could not open mouth to eat, and could scarcely articulate.

11. Stomach.-Lost all desire for food (after a fortnight); lingered six weeks and then died.

12. Abdomen.-Very severe drawing or cramping sensation in abdomen.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Respirations almost ceased.

19. Heart.-Almost pulseless.-Pulse slow, scarcely more than twelve or fourteen beats to the minute.

23. Lower Limbs.-Severe shaking, burning pains ran from the bite on the foot up the limbs to back, accompanied by nervous twitching all over body soon; pain felt almost equally in both limbs, and seemed to centre about heel.-Feet felt as if rudely lacerated by dull instrument, waking him from sleep (immediately).

24. Generalities.-Suffered long, wasting and losing all energy, some having appearance of one going into a decline; it was three months before he rallied and six before he recovered.-Nervous twitching all over body.-Suddenly became faint and pallid.-Large quantities of whisky produced little impression, except a feeling as though affected side was drunk.

25. Skin.-Small, red spot like flea-bite.-Bitten surface raised, as large round as teacup, the raised part white with red halo; with pain; swelling and pain > by spirits of Ammonia.-Swelling size and shape of hen's egg; pain > by ammonia, but not the swelling.-The bite remained a small purple point for nine days, on the tenth began to swell and turn white like a bee-sting; pain and swelling rapidly increased, dorsum of foot and ankle like a puff-ball, red streak running up leg.-A bright scarlet, papular eruption on both lower limbs, which stung and burned like fire.

27. Fever.-Extremities cold and flaccid.-A cold, clammy sweat covered l. lower extremity; in morning sweat covered both limbs.