Kali Tartaricum.

Tartrate of Potash. Cream of Tartar. K2C4H4O6. Trituration. Solution.


Characteristics.-A few symptoms of this well-known substance are collected in Allen, and among them pain in loins and paraplegia are very noticeable. There is vomiting of blackish green fluid; faeces like coffee-grounds; and pain in umbilical region with great thirst.

Relations.-Compare: Ant. t., Tart. ac.


8. Mouth.-Tongue brown and dry.

11. Stomach.-Great thirst and pain in umbilical region.-Violent vomiting and diarrhoea.-Vomits a blackish green fluid.-Inflammation of stomach and intestines.

12. Abdomen.-Pain in umbilical region with thirst.-Flatulence and griping.-Diarrhoea; and violent vomiting.-Faeces like coffee-grounds.

19. Heart.-Pulse feeble.

20. Back.-Pain in loins.

23. Lower Limbs.-Thighs and legs paralysed.

24. Generalities.-Emaciation.-Extreme weakness, can scarcely walk.