Galega officinalis. Goat's Rue. N. O. Leguminosae. Aqueous extract, Infusion, or Tincture of whole fresh plant.

Clinical.-Backache. Debility. Kidney ache. Lactation.

Characteristics.-Galega, as its name implies, has an ancient reputation as a milk-gland stimulant. The Galegae are nearly related to Glycyrrhiza, the well-known source of liquorice. Carron de la Carrière (H. W., xxvii. 79) tested its action on the milk glands of nursing women and found it rapidly increased the quantity and quality of the milk and increased the woman's appetite. Dorretta (H. W., xxix. 177) gave Galega (he calls it "Galega vera," but doubtless it is Goat's-rue), in liquid extract of the leaves, for a common form of backache, which he located in the kidneys, though it is unaccompanied by any sign of kidney disease. The medicine he says is also a most excellent reconstructive in cases of anaemia and impaired nutrition.

Relations.-Compare: Agnus. c., Calc. c.; in kidney-ache, Santal.