Euphorbia Corollata.

Large Flowering Spurge. N. O. Euphorbiaceae. Tincture and triturations of the root.

Clinical.-Cholera. Cholera infantum. Cholerine. Diarrhoea. Gastritis. Sea-sickness.

Characteristics.-E. Corol. produces gastro-enteric disturbances like other Euphorbias, but with peculiarities especially in the sequence and character of the vomit: (1) deadly nausea, (2) sudden and powerful vomiting of food in stomach, (3) throws up large quantities of water mixed with mucus, (4) then of clear fluid like rice-water, (5) copious watery evacuations of the bowels. These symptoms are accompanied by great anxiety, deadly prostration, and cold sweat. Attacks recur after short intermissions.


1. Mind.-Great anxiety.-Wants to die.

11. Stomach.-Sudden deathly nausea and prostration, without previous pain.-Sudden powerful vomiting of food, then quantities of water mixed with mucus, then clear rice-water-like fluid; followed almost immediately by diarrhoea.-Inflammation of stomach and bowels.

12, 13. Abdomen and Stool.-Great commotion in bowels, followed immediately by copious watery evacuations.

19. Heart.-Pulse soft; sinks to 40.

24. Generalities.-Death-like faintness and exhaustion.-Felt like an attack of sea-sickness.-Symptoms pass away in a short time.

27. Fever.-Cool skin covered with beaded sweat.-Cold hands, feet, and nose.-Diaphoresis.