Epilobium Palustre.

Epilobium lineare. Willow Herb. N. O. Onagraceae.

Clinical.-Dysphagia. Fever. Larynx, affections of. Ptyalism. Throat, sore.

Characteristics.-Epil. p. was proved by Dr. J. S. Wright, a tincture of the root being used. Symptoms of filling up of throat, inability to swallow, fever and headache were produced. A boy poisoned with the flowers of Epil. hirsutum had strong epileptiform convulsions in rapid succession.


2. Head.-Headache with fever.

6. Face.-Face red.

8. Mouth.-Ptyalism.-Dull and sleepy but could not sleep, the saliva would choke him.

9. Throat.-In morning throat began filling up; at noon could not swallow water; larynx sore to pressure with hard lumps on each side externally.

13. Stools.-Three loose stools on eighth day; none the day after.

14. Urine.-Urine red.

27. Fever.-Hard chill began 11 a.m., lasted an hour; high fever came on with aching all over and severe headache; this lasted all night; could not sleep.