Elaps corallinus. Brazilian Coral Snake. N. O. Elapidae. Poison pressed from the venom-sac of the living snake and triturated with sugar of milk. Higgins used the gall of the snake, Fel Elapidis Corallini.

Clinical.-Amaurosis. Axilla, itching in. Cancer. Deafness. Ear, affections of. Ear, wax in. Epistaxis. Haemorrhages. Headache. Hemiplegia. Knee, pain in. Metrorrhagia. Naso-pharyngitis. Nose, stuffed. Ozaena. Phthisis. Pneumonia. Threat, ulcerated.

Characteristics.-Elaps is distinguished from the other serpent venoms by the pre-eminent blackness of its discharges and haemorrhages; black ear-wax. Characteristic symptoms are: Fruit and cold drinks lie like ice on stomach and cause a cold feeling in chest. Sensation as if all the blood were collected in head. E. V. Moffat has found Elaps 6 almost a specific in chronic naso-pharyngeal catarrh, with greenish crusts and subjective disagreeable odour. Rumbling in ears as of thunder. Sensation in brain as if shaken. Sensation as if food turned like a corkscrew on swallowing; as if intestines were twisted by a cord and strung together in a knot. Pains in the longs (especially right) are very marked: "Sensation within chest and at sternum, as if pleurae were pulled off and the lungs violently drawn apart." Sensation as if a heavy load, iron bar, or weight on parts. Fluids roll audibly into stomach. The glands and skin of axilla are affected. (I cured with Elap. 200 a very old-standing case of irritating rash in axilla (right) with recurrent suppuration of axillary glands,) Periodicity is marked. Rest >, exertion epistaxis, pain in stomach and lungs. Lying on abdomen > pain in stomach. Many symptoms are < at night. (Sudden deafness at night with roaring and cracking in ears.) Dreams of dead persons. Warmth of bed