Datura Arborea.

Brugmansia suaveolens. N. O. Solanaceae. Tincture of the flowers.

Clinical.-Brain affections. Clairvoyance. Vertigo.

Characteristics.-The odour of the flowers left in the room two days caused the following remarkable symptoms: Sensation as if forehead were expanded and as if his ideas were floating outside his brain. Strange feeling of pleasant and easy comfort, and as if he scarcely touched earth with his feet, and had to gather ideas from afar, as if they were floating in the clouds. Involved in a most beautiful atmosphere, bright calm as the sunlight at noon. Sensible confusion of ideas across the cerebrum, with drawing, nervous irritation back to cerebellum and a spinal irritation or depletion of nervous circulation in medulla oblongata (whilst handling and cutting the flowers). The odour is also said to have caused spasms; and the juice instilled into the eye causes amaurosis according to Froriep.

Relations.-Compare: Stram.