Castor Equi.

The Rudimentary Thumbnail of the Horse. A small, flat, oblongoval horn, wrinkled on surface, breaking off in scales, darker than the hoof, growing on inner side of leg above fetlock. Scales triturated.

Clinical.-Coccygodynia. Epilepsy. Nails, affections of. Nipples, cracked; ulcerated. Warts.

Characteristics.-This is a very ancient remedy, and was proved and introduced into homoeopathy by Hering. It especially acts on the nipples, the nails, and bones, especially causing pains in right tibia and coccyx. Burnett has cured with it a case of wart on forehead.

Relations.-Hep. relieves the sore nipples; Thuja has removed warts caused by Cast. eq. Compare: Calc. oxal., Hippoman., Castoreum, Moschus.


1. Mind.-Unusual laughter about things not funny.

2. Head.-Vertigo, headache, and nausea in mornings, sour stomach, and lack of appetite.

10. Appetite.-Desire, to smoke tobacco.

12, 13. Abdomen and Stool.-Colic with urging wakes him in the morning, followed by a very thin, watery, somewhat burning stool; with passage of offensive flatus.-Pain in l. inguinal region.

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Cracked, sore nipples in nursing women, excessively tender, cannot bear touch of clothing; even in neglected cases, ragged, nipples almost hanging.-Breasts swollen, sensitive; itching internally, painful on descending stairs.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Disagreeable sick feeling in larynx.

19. Heart.-Peculiar sensation about heart as of something alive struggling.

20. Back.-Weak spine.-Pain in coccyx < every evening while sitting.

23. Lower Limbs.-Repeated pain in r. tibia.

24. Generalities.-Syncope.-Epilepsy.

25. Skin.-Warts.-Nails drop off.-Brittle nails.