Cadmium Sulphuratum.

Sulphide of Cadmium. Cd S. Trituration.

Clinical.-Apoplexy. Boils. Chilblains. Cholera infantum. Corneal opacity. Eyes, affections of. Facial paralysis. Indigestion. Meningitis. Nasal polypus. Ozoena. Yellow fever.

Characteristics.-Cadmium is found in nature in intimate association with Zinc, which it nearly resembles in action, but Cadmium acts more powerfully. The profound action of Cad. s. on the stomach-burning and cutting pain, intense retching, gagging, bringing up tough mucus, intense nausea and vomiting-led to its being given in yellow fever with brilliant success. Black vomit is very characteristic. The least thing touching the lips will excite vomiting. Pitchy taste; food tastes like salt. Cadm. is a cross between Bry. and Ars.: it has the desire to keep quiet of Bry., with the exhaustion and stomach irritability of Ars. (Kent). Cadmium is a chilly medicine. There is icy coldness-coldness even when near a fire. Horripilation: after drinking; with hot hands. Sweat in axillae. Effect of a draught of cold air in checking sweat. < From cold air; itching of skin when cold. < Sunshine. < In morning and after sleep. < Walking; < ascending stairs. < When swallowing. < After grief. < After intoxication. > By eating. Effects of: anxiety, or fit of passion; of cold winds (facial paralysis). Acts well in drunkards. It is a notable antipsoric. There is much itching of skin; at night in bed; when touched; when cold; > scratching, which causes a voluptuous feeling. Skin blue; yellow; scaly, cracking, damp, suppurating herpes; chilblains. Cutting, lancinating pains are prominent; also a sense of constriction. The nasal symptoms are very important; no remedy has served me better in cases of ozaena and polypus.

Relations.-Compare: Zn. (but in Zn. the action is primarily on brain; in Cadm. primarily on stomach); in constriction across chest with palpitation, K. chlo.; weakness, nausea, vomit and burning, Ars.; black vomit, affections of drunkenness, Ars., Lach.; in nausea and retching, Asar., Bry., Crot. t., Cup., Nux, Pod., Ant. t.; in deathly nausea, Ip., Tab.; greenish gelatinous vomit, Æthusa, Ars., Bry., Ip., Ver.; gelatinous stools, Alo., Cubeb., Hell., K. bich., Pod., Rhus, Sep. (green); loss of breath on going to sleep, Carb. an., Carb. v., Op., Grind., Lach. Followed well by: Bell. (rolling of head with open eyes in cholera infantum); Carb. v., Lob. inf. (in yellow fever); Nit. ac.; Alet. (nausea of pregnancy). Follows well: Ip., Ars., Bell.

Causation.-Sun. Draught of air. Cold wind. Alcohol.


1. Mind.-Excessive irritability.-Horror of solitude and of work.

2. Head.-Constriction; stitches; pulsation.-Hammering in the head, preceding vomiting.-Headache with restlessness, icy coldness of body, epistaxis, constriction in throat, thirst, nausea, vomiting; mostly present when awaking, in open air, from draught of air, in sun.-Herpes on temples.

3. Eyes.-Cannot read small type.-Night-blindness.-Scrofulous inflammation.-Opacity of cornea.-Hot tears.-Swellings of lids.-Hollow eyes; blue circles.

4. Ears.-Sounds echo in head.

5. Nose.-Ulcerative or cancerous smell (ozaena).-Tightness at root and tension in nose.-Obstruction of nose by swelling.-Numbness of nose.-Erysipelas.-Boils on nose.-Caries of nasal bones.-Ulceration of nostrils.

6. Face.-Spasmodic movements of upper lip.-Facial paralysis from cold air-crawling sensation-chronic eruption on forehead, nose, and round mouth.-Swelling of lips.

8, 9. Mouth and Throat.-Salivation.-Taste first sweetish, then bitter and burning.-Fetid breath.-Ulcers; dryness; itching; burning; constriction in throat.-Dysphagia.

11. Stomach.-Nausea; must lie quiet.-Nausea in mouth; chest; abdomen.-Saltish, rancid belchings, cold sweat on face.-Vomiting of acid or yellow substances, cold perspiration on face and cutting pains in abdomen.-Black vomit.-Burning and cutting pain in stomach.-Gastric symptoms < after drinking beer; in forenoon; during pregnancy; in drunkards; after cramps in stomach.

12. Abdomen.-Pain in abdomen with vomiting.-Pain and pulsation in sides of abdomen.-Cutting pains in bowels and kidneys.-Lancinations in l. hypochondrium.-Symptoms of stomach and hypochondria < by walking or carrying burdens.

13. Stools.-Stools, almost gelatinous, yellowish-green, semi-fluid. (Cholera infantum.)

14. Urinary Organs.-Severe cutting in region of kidneys; urine suppressed, or scanty, or bloody.

15. Male Sexual Organs.-(Too frequent seminal emissions checked by it.)

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Acts well during pregnancy.-Erysipelas of mammae.-Inflamed nipples.

17, 18. Respiratory Organs and Chest.-Chest feels dilated.-Feeling as if lungs adhered to chest.-Cough with loss of consciousness, agitation, red face, pain in stomach, or vomiting of bile.-Interrupted breathing during sleep.-Chest symptoms < squatting.-Brown spots on chest.-Swelling of external chest.

21. Limbs.-Suppuration of axillary glands.-Brown spot on elbow.-Boils on buttocks.-Restlessness; jactitations; startings.

26. Sleep.-Sleeps with eyes open.-Stops breathing on going to sleep; wakes up suffocating.-Symptoms < after sleep.-Annoying protracted sleeplessness.