Citrus vulgaris. Orange. N. O. Rutaceae. Tincture of peel of Seville orange.

Clinical.-Choking, sensation of. Faintness. Headache. Metrorrhagia. Neuralgia. Palpitation. Throat, rising in.

Characteristics.-The tincture of the peel is used as a pleasant bitter tonic in the old-school practice. On sensitive individuals oranges in any form produce pathogenetic effects. One patient of my own could never eat an orange without experiencing a fearful taste at the back of the nose and throat, lasting many days and causing choking sensations and faintness. Nervous affections predominate; neuralgias of various kinds. The skin is the seat of many symptoms.

Relations.-Compare: Citrus Limonum, Ruta, Angustura.


1. Mind.-Great excitement; quick motions.

2. Head.-R. side hemicrania.

6. Face.-Neuralgia in face; shooting, gnawing pains, most in temples, esp. r. side.

7. Teeth.-Constant toothache.-Teeth become carious; wear off.

9. Throat.-Something seems to rise in throat and choke her.-Fearful taste at back of nose and throat, lasting for days and causing choking sensation and faintness.

14. Urinary Organs.-Pains in kidneys and bladder.

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Too copious menses.

18. Chest.-Pleurodynia.

19. Heart.-Palpitation.

24. Generalities.-Suited for diseases of old men, esp. with coldness and chilliness.-An orange eaten before breakfast is said to destroy the craving for alcohol in drunkards.

25. Skin.-Itching, general or more often only in upper limbs, with redness and swelling of hands.-Eruption and other symptoms like scarlatina.