theridion curassavicum

Time passes too quickly (too slowly, Arg. n., Can. I., Nux m.). Vertigo: on closing the eyes (Lach., Thuja - on opening them, Tab.; on looking upward, Puls, Sil.); from any, even the least noise; aural or labyrinthine (Meniere's disease). Nausea: from least motion, and especially on closing the eyes; from fast riding in a carriage. Headache: when beginning to move, as of a dull heavy pressure begin the eyes; violent, deep, in the brain; < lying down (Lach.); very much < from others walking on the floor, or from least motion of head. Every sound seems to penetrate through the whole body, causing nausea and vertigo. Chronic nasal catarrh; discharge thick, yellow, greenish, offensive (Puls., Thuja). Toothache: every shrill sound penetrates the teeth. Seasickness of nervous women; they close their eyes to get rid of the motion of the vessel and grown deathly sick. Violent stitches in upper left chest, below the scapula, extending to neck (Anis., Myr., Pix, Sulph.). Pains in the bones all over, as if broken. Great sensitiveness between vertebrae, sits sideways in the chair to avoid pressure against spine (Chin. s.); < by least nose and jar of foot on floor. For extreme nervous sensitiveness; of puberty, during pregnancy and climacteric years. "In rachitis, caries, necrosis, it apparently goes to the root of the evil and destroys the cause." - Dr. Baruch. Phthisis florida, often affects a cure if given in the early stages of disease. In scrofulosis where the best chosen remedies fail to relieve.