sanicula aqua

Dread of downward motion (Bor.). Child headstrong, obstinate, cries and kicks; cross, irritable, quickly alternates with laughter; does not want to be touched. Constantly changing his occupation. Head and neck of children sweat profusely during sleep; wets the pillow far around (Cal., Sil.). Profuse, scaly dandruff on scalp, eyebrows, in the beard. Soreness behind ears with discharge of while, gray, viscid fluid (Graph., Psor.). Tongue: large, flabby; burning, must protrude it to keep it cool; ring- worm on tongue (Nat. m.). Nausea and vomiting from car or carriage riding. Thirst; drinks little and often; is vomited soon as it reaches the stomach (Ars., Phos.). Symptoms constantly changing (Lac. c., Puls.). Incontinence of urine and faeces; sphincter unreliable (Aloe); urging from flatus, must cross legs to prevent faeces from escaping. Constipation: no desire until a large accumulation; after great straining stool partially expelled, recedes (Sil., Thuja); large evacuation of small dry, gray balls, must be removed mechanically (Sel.). Stool: hard, impossible to evacuate; of grayish-white balls, like burnt lime; crumbling from verge of anus (Mag. m.); with the odor of limburger cheese. Diarrhoea: changeable in character and color; like scrambled eggs; frothy, grass-green, turns green on standing; like scum of a frog pond; after eating, must hurry from table. The odor of stool follows despite bathing (Sulph.). Excoriation of skin about anus (Sulph.); covering perinueum and extending to genitals. Leucorrhoea with strong odor of fish brine (oozing from rectum smelling like herring brine, Cal.; fish brine discharge from ear, Tel.). Weakness, bearing down as if contents of pelvis would escape; < walking, misstep, or jar, > by rest, lying down; desire to support parts by placing hand against uvula (Lil., Mur.); soreness of uterus. Foot sweat: between the toes, making them sore; offensive (Graph., Psor., Sil.); on soles as if he had stepped in cold water. Burning of soles of feet; must uncover or put them in a cool place (Lach., Med., Sang., Sulph.). Child kicks off clothing even in coldest weather (Hep., Sulph.). Emaciation, progressive; child looks old, dirty, greasy and brownish; skin about neck wrinkled, hangs in folds (Abrot., Iod., Nat. m., Sars.).