colchicum autumnale

Adapted to the rheumatic, gouty diathesis; persons of robust vigorous constitution; diseases of old people. External impressions, light, noise, strong odors, contact, bad manners, make him almost beside himself (Nux); his sufferings seem intolerable. Ailments: from grief or misdeeds of others (Staph.). Pains are drawing, tearing, pressing; light or superficial during warm weather; affect the bones and deeper tissues, when air is cold; pains go from left to right (Lach.). Smell painfully acute; nausea and faintness from the odor of cooking food, especially fish, eggs or fat meat (Ars., Sep.); bad effects from night watching (Coc.). Aversion to food; loathing even the sight of still more the smell of it. The abdomen is immensely distended with gas, feeling as if it would burst. Burning, or icy coldness in stomach and abdomen. Autumnal dysentery, discharges from bowels contain white shreddy particles in large quantities; white mucus; "scrapings of intestines" (Canth., Carb. ac.). Urine: dark, scanty or suppressed; in drops, with white sediment; bloody, brown, black, inky; contains clots of putrid decomposed blood, albumin, sugar. Affected parts very sensitive to contact and motion. Arthiritic pains in joints; patient scremas with pain on touching a joint or stubbing a toe.

< Mental emotion or exhaustion; effects of hard study; odor of cooking food. Motion: if the patient lies perfectly still, the disposition to vomit is less urgent. Every motion renew it (Bry.).