berberis vulgaris

The renal or vesical symptoms predominate. Pain in small of back; very sensitive to touch in renal region; < when sitting and lying, from jar, from fatigue. Burning and soreness in region of kidneys. Numbness, stiffness, lameness with painful pressure in renal and lumbar regions. Pale, earthy complexion, with sunken cheeks and hollow, blue-encircled eyes. Rheumatic and gouty complaints, with diseases of the urinary organs. Colic from gall-stones. Bilious colic, followed by jaundice; clay-colored stools; fistula in ano, with bilious symptoms and itching of the parts; short cough and chest complaints, especially after operations for fistulae (Cal. p., Sil.). Stitching, cutting pain from left kidney following course of ureter into bladder and urethra (Tab., - r. kidney, Lyc.). Renal colic. < left side (Tab. - either side), with urging and strangury. (Canth.). Rubbing sensation in kidneys (Med.). Urine: greenish, blood-red, with thick, slimy mucus; transparent, reddish or jelly-like sediment. Movement brings on or increases urinary complaints.

Relation. - Similar: to, Canth., Lyc., Sars., Tab., in renal colic. Acts well after, Arn., Bry., Kali bi., Rhus, Sulph., in rheumatic affections.

< s. - Motion, walking or carriage riding; any sudden jarring movement.