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In carbuncle, malignant ulcer and complaints with ulceration, sloughing and intolerable burning. When Arsenicum or the best selected remedy fails to relieve the burning pain of carbuncle or malignant ulceration. Haemorrhages: blood oozes from mouth, nose, anus or sexual organs; black, thick, tar-like, rapidly decomposing (Crot.). Septic fever, rapid loss of strength, sinking pulse, delirium and fainting (Pyr.). Gangrenous ulcers; felon, carbuncle, erysipelas of a malignant type. Felon: the worst cases, with sloughing and terrible burning pain (Ars., Carb. ac., Lach.). Malignant pustule; black or blue blisters; often fatal in twenty- four or forty-eight hours (Lach., Pyr.). Carbuncle; with horrible burning pains; discharge of ichorous offensive pus. Dissecting wounds, especially if tendency is to become gangrenous; septic fever, marked prostration (Ars., Pyr.). Suspicous insect stings. If the swelling changes color and red streaks from the wound map out the course of lymphatics (Lach., Pyr.). Septic inflammation from absorption or pus or other deleterious substances, with burning pain and great prostration (Ars., Pyr.). Epidemic spleen diseases of cattle, horses and sheep. Bad effects from inhaling foul odors of putrid fever or dissecting-room; poisoning by foul breath (Pyr.). Hering says: "To call a carbuncle a surgical disease is the greatest absurdity. An incision is always injurious and often fatal. A case has never been lost under the right kind of treatment, and it should always be treated by internal medicine only.".