Veratrum album


Mind.-- Mental confusion Deliria of insanities, mostly mute, religious or with pride: With lasciviousness and obscene talk, with laughing, whistling and spinning. Madness and raving mania, with shamelessness, impiety and profanity. Howling and lamenting in a hoarse voice. Extraordinary mental anxiety. Melancholy with anxious nightly inconsolable lamenting. Nightly anguish and despair. Fear of death. Hypochondriacal mood. Reticence Angriness followed by anxiety and palpitation. Transient attacks of unconsciousness, alternating with insanity Transitory loss of memory. Peevishness.

Vertigo.-- With reeling, as from intoxication, when sitting erect or standing, better lying on back and stooping.

Head.-- Pressive ache in skull. Heaviness of entire head. Bruised or torn sensation in brain. Headache: With stiffness of nape and profuse flow of urine, throbbing, with qualmishness and vomiting. Great sensitiveness of scalp and hair. Bruised soreness of Coldness in and upon vertex as though' ice lay there, with co - existent icy coldness of feet and nausea. Worse: Rising from bed, motion. Better: External pressure, bending head backward, at rest.

Eyes.-- Staring, watery, distorted, sunken and lusterless. Balls are turned upward. Pressure in. Trembling of upper lid. Paralysis of lids. Heat in. Tears, with a sense of dryness therein. Night blindness.

Ears.-- Roaring and humming in. Deaf.

Nose.-- Icy coldness of. Odor, of dung, before.

Face.-- Swelled. Red, while in bed, on rising it instantly becomes pale. Yellowish. Blue or greenish circles about eyes. Bluish. Livid. Cold, disfigured, cadaverous, hippocratic f. Spasm of masseter muscles. Look - jaw. Shrivelled, bluish or blackish lips.

Mouth.-- Burning in, fauces. Dry and sticky. Profuse salivation. Taste less saliva in. Feeling of distension in pharynx. Constriction of throat. Sensation, as of dust in throat. Tongue, Cold, shrivelled, blackish. Cold breath. Hollow, hoarse voice.

Stomach.-- Great sensitiveness of pit, as though' ulcerated internally. Burning in.

Appetite: Ravenous hunger. Gluttony. Craving for sour or cooling things. Violent unquenchable thirst, especially for cold water.

Taste: Bitter, in mouth. Cool, as from peppermint in mouth.

Eructations: Forcible, empty. Bitter

Qualmishness, etc. - In stomach. With violent thirst, profuse flow saliva and urine. Violent retching. Vomiting: OF ingesta, of bile, of blood, or foamy sour mucus, nightly, copious, excited by slightest movement or least thing ingested, especially drinks.

Abdomen.-- Distension, with pressing pains and anxiety. Diarrhoea with cutting as from knives in. painful contraction when vomiting. Very sensitive to touch. Burning and cutting in. Sticking in groins. Protrusion of hernia.

Flatulence: Flatulent colic in abdomen with loud rumbling and grumbling.

Stool.-- Chronic constipation as from inactivity of rectum. Ineffectual urging. Fainting during. Painful lienteria. Diarrhoea: Greenish, watery, mixed with flocks, blackish. Fright followed by involuntary c., and icy coldness of body.

Urine.-- Suppressed Greenish. Dark red, passed frequently but in small quantities. Constant urging to urinate. Involuntary micturition.

Sexual Organs.-- Stitches in spermatic cord.

Female.-- Menses: Too early and too profuse. Suppressed. Headache before.

Respiration.-- Laborious inspiration. Oppression of chest (with many complaints). Suffocative attacks from spasmodic constriction of larynx or chest.

Cough.-- Deep, hollow ringing c., from tickling in lowest bronchia, seemingly coming from abdomen. Deep, dry c., with cutting bellyache. In evening with salivation. In spring and autumn. With pain in sides, and respiratory symptoms. With yellow expectoration, immediately on entering a warm room from sold air, followed by bruised feeling in chest. Whooping cough with vomiting. Dry at night, in daytime expectoration of yellow tenacious mucus of a bitter, salty or sometimes a sour or putrid taste, worse eating and drinking cold things, especially cold water.

Chest.-- Fullness in. Bruised feeling in. Stitches in sides of. Violent, visible, anxious palpitation with obstructed breathing.

Back.-- Paralytic stiffness extending from back up into nape. Squeezing between scapulae. Bruised sensation in, and in lumbar region.

Lower Extremities.-- Thrusts in (r.) hip.

Generalities.-- Sudden sinking of strength, even to fainting. Continued great weakness and trembling. Extraordinary weariness and debility. Paralytic, bruised feeling in limbs and bones. Numbness and crawling in extremities. Violent tonic spasms whereby the palms and soles are drawn into hollows. Tetanic rigidity of body. Fainting with stiffness of body but flexibility of limbs. Attacks of pain which in a short time always excite delirium or mania. Pains in limbs are worse from warmth of bed and cold wet weather, and better rising and walking about.

Skin.-- Cold and bluish or violent color of, Loss of elasticity of, it remains in the position into which it has been drawn. Thickened, desquamating spots on. Dry, m itch - like eruptions.

Sleep.-- Coma vigil with partial consciousness. Stupefying somnolency. Nightly anxiety and sleeplessness.

Fever.-- Pulse: Irregular, most frequently small, thready, weak and show, often almost extinct and entirely imperceptible. Seldom hard and quick. The blood runs like cold water through' the veins. Chill: And coldness mostly external, with internal heat and cold, clammy sweat Shaking chill with sweat, which together pass into coldness. Predominating c., and coldness, running from above c., and coldness, running from above downward. Increased by drinking. Icy coldness of entire body. Heat, Almost entirely internal, with thirst, but without desire to drink. In evening, with sweat. Alternately, now chill, now heat, here and there on single spots. Internal only, with dark urine. Sweat: Profuse, in morning, evening or through' entire night as well as during every stool. Cold, clammy, sour or offensive sometimes smelling bitter, or staining yellow. Always with a deathly pale face. Cold. Over entire body, most on forehead, worse least motion and vomiting, better rising and going about. Easy during day from every movement. Strong smelling. Intermittent fever with coldness externally only, with internal heat and violent thirst for cold water.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Aco., Alum., Arn., Ars., Bry., Calc-c., Cam., Carb-v., CHIN., Cic., Cina., Coff., CUPR., Dros., Ferr., Hyos., Ip., Merc., phos., Phos-ac., Pod., Sec-c. Sep., Spig., Stram., Tabac., VERAT-V.

Complementary: Ars, CARB-V.