theridion curassavicum

Hypersensitive. NOISE IS INSUFFERABLY PENETRATING; affects the teeth; causes nausea, chills, and pains all over; strikes painful spots, etc. Water feels too cold. Bounding internally.

Startled by the least thing. Fruitless activity. Sense of duality. Hysteria. Vertigo with nausea, on closing eyes. Headache felt during sleep, < jarring. Migraine. Glittering vision on stooping. Luminosities, then blurred vision. Pain over root of nose. Yellow-green, thick, foul nasal discharge. Ozœna. Post-nasal catarrh. Nausea, < least motion. Sea-sickness. Burning in liver. Pains at end of left floating ribs. Gonorrhœa. Cough; jerks body together. Too much air seems to enter chest. Stitch back through apex of left lung. Phthisis florida. Cardiac anxiety. Spine is sensitive to pressure or jar. Burning in upper arms. Restless feeling in hands; wrings them. Bones seem broken. Necrosis. Scrofula. Stinging thrusts in skin. Internal coldness. Cold sweat is easily excited.