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Mind.-- Despondency. Apprehension. Cowardice and terror of death. Morose and fretful. Full of projects, but mind is confused. Loss of memory, hunts his words. Conscious, but unable to move. Profuse stupor. Worse: When alone. Better: Bathing head in cold water, weeping, vomiting.

Vertigo.-- Excessive, even to unconsciousness, as if drunk, felt in occiput. Sudden faintness on rising, even hemiplegia. Worse: opening eyes.

Head.-- Confused and heavy. Violent ache, like something shaking within. Aching, with vomiting when urinating. Compression, especially in occiput, or as of a band around. Pain, as if struck with a hammer. Rush of blood to, with momentary unconsciousness. Hair falls out. Better: In open air.

Eyes.-- Sunken and encircled by blue rings. Turned up. Divergent squint. Coldness, with a kind of burning in. Boring. Pupils irregular. Transient blindness. Vision better in twilight.

Ears.-- Red and burning. Violent earache, with giddiness and overpowering sleepiness. Gnawing in. Sensitive hearing.

Nose.-- Fluent coryza, with keen smell. Incessant sneezing.

Face.-- Drawn, pinched, sunken. Deathly pale, collapsed and covered with cold sweat. Livid, pale greasy. Expression of stupefaction. Transient feeling, as if parts were dead. Violent shooting in bones of. Lips cracked, burning, upper feels elongated, retracted over teeth.

Mouth.-- Gums swell and bleed. Intolerably violent, throbbing toothache. Tongue numb, feels swelled. And throat full of white tenacious mucus. Dry. Salivation.

Throat.-- Scraping and crawling in. Oedema of uvula. Feeling of a plug in, as if clutched. Difficult swallowing.

Stomach.-- Faint sinking, or weak, relaxed feeling in. Shocks in pit, as often as he falls into a slumber. Sensation: As if it would turn over, of writhing, of coldness in, and along spine, of clawing, as if the bolus were forced through' too small an opening (Op.). Gastralgia. Hypochondriacal dyspepsia.

Hypochondria: Needle - like stitches in liver preventing stretching better stooping. Pressure, as of a heavy, round body beneath short ribs.

Appetite: Incessant, ravenous hunger, is nauseated if she don't eat. Can eat immediately after vomiting. Loathes water. Craves stimulants, narcotics, etc. Great thirst, especially at night, k but drinks only a little at a time.

Taste: Of rancid oil, of burnt milk.

Eructations: Regurgitation and heartburn.

Nausea: Paroxysmal, as if seasick, with vertigo and cold sweat, faint like, incessant, with violent vomiting, least motion. Retching. Worse: Motion, worse hawking. Better: In open air.

Abdomen.-- Cramp - like retraction of navel. Intestines contracted. Painfully sensitive. Violent convulsions, head retracted and contraction of abdominal muscles, excited by pressure on abdomen. Patient desires to uncover abdomen.

Stool.-- Urgent painless, profuse and watery, cholera - like, acrid smelling. Involuntary stool and urine. Constipation alternating with diarrhoea.

Anus.-- Straining and violent burning in, during soft stool.

Urinary Organs.-- Urine suppressed. Itching in urethra.

Sexual Organs.-- Flabby. Nocturnal emissions. Loss of vitality. Discharge like meat water from vagina.

Respiration.-- Difficult, suffocative, jerking, stertorous.

Cough.-- With burning in larynx, with hiccough and suffocation, with dyspnoea. Better: Eating.

Chest.-- Sudden, violent constriction, as if squeezed by a vise Pain, as of a knife sticking in sternum. Heaviness on sternum. Violent, sore pain in mammae, and a feeling as if nipple were bitten off. Heart: Darting pain from heart to vertex. Feeling as if a knot were twisted around hour. Soreness about. Trembling Palpitation, With pain in or between shoulders, with the throbbing in head. Pains extend from heart to arms, with a sense of suffocation. Angina pectoris. Worse: Lying on left side.

Back.-- Tender along spine. Heat or coldness along. As of some one blowing on. Pulsation beneath right shoulder. Backache, worse lying, better walking.

Neck: Stiff. Neuralgia, with tightness of throat. Heaviness and pain in nape.

Extremities.-- Outstretched, relaxed and powerless, with trembling and convulsive twitchings. Stiff.

Upper Extremities.-- Aching in arms. Burning and fuzziness of finger tips., swollen finger tips. Fingers feel longer and calves feel as if dropping away. Coldness of one hand and hat of other.

Lower Extremities.-- Gait slow, shuffling, tottering like an old man. Burning and feeling of pins in knee, worse touch. Legs icy old below knees (Carb-v.)

Generalities.-- Profound weakness, with relaxation of the voluntary, but spasm of the involuntary muscles, especially exciting the muscular activity of the alimentary canal, hence causing violent colic, vomiting and purgings. General or localized convulsions, trembling or twitchings. Jerky movements. Numbness. Constrictive sensations about cavities, heart, chest, etc. Neuralgia, worse during low barometer and wind, better hot applications. Body feels bruised. Burning pains and a sense of heat internally predominate although' patient may be cold objectively. Great emaciation. Extreme restlessness. Worse: Extremes of heat and cold, stormy weather, walking or riding in a carriage or railway train, the jar aggravates. Better: Open air, vomiting, sweating.

Skin.-- Slight wounds inflame intensely, burn and are long in healing. Itching blisters. Ecchymoses. Trembling, as if being torn. Itching like flea bites.

Sleep.-- Stupefying, with profuse sweat.

Fever.-- Pulse: Weak and small. Chill: with cold sweat and thirst. Cold skin. Coldness between shoulders. Heat: Of one cheek and paleness of the other. External, with internal shivering. With sweat. Sweat: Cold, profuse, clammy. Everywhere except on forehead.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Aco., Agar., Ant-t., Ars., Coccl., Con., Gels., Hydrocy-ac., Ip., Jabor., Lobel., Phos., Sec-c., Verat-a.

Complementary: Op.

Antidotes: Acids, Gel., Plant.