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STOOPED, LANK, UNCURED, UNTIDY AND UNWASHED. Emaciation; with good appetite. Atrophy of children. Psora. Scrofula. Rheumatism. DEFICIENT REACTION; effusion; deposits; slow reabsorption. CHRONICITY. RED ORIFICES, or single parts; lips, tarsi, ears, etc. (Alo.). LOCAL THROBBING, BURNING OR CONGESTION; SOLES; VERTEX; bones; painful spots, etc. ITCHING; parts; discharges cause, etc. Foul, acrid or blood streaked discharges. Weak, faint spells. Empty, overful, rough or asleep feeling. ASCENDING EFFECTS; heats, orgasms, vertigo, etc.

Slow, lazy, hungry, and always tired. Hopeful dreamers; ecstatic, religious, philosophic, etc. Peevish, mean, prying or easily excited. Melancholic. Tired of life. Vertigo; in forehead. VERTEX, throbs, hot, heavy, sore, etc. Nape to vertex; pain, chills, pressure, etc. As of a band about or pain deep in brain. Sunday headache; preceded by photopsies. Hot head, with cold feet. Sweaty scalp. Dry, cold hair. Eyes; burn; cutting, as from sand; bursting in balls; quivering. Halo about light. As of floating soot before. Photophobia. Ophthalmia. Swashing in ears. Nose obstructed on alternate sides; drips; swelled; red, < cold. Catarrhal colds. Epistaxis, < night or lying on r.side. Sensitive smell. Imaginary odors. Swelled veins of forehead. OLD LOOK. Spotted face. Dry, tremulous tongue; red edges and tip. Sensitive dental fangs. Grinds teeth. Nursing sore mouth. Throat; as of a swelling or a vapor rising in; external redness. Eructations, like bad eggs, > eating. Drinks much, eats little. Averse to meat. SUDDENLY HUNGRY AND WEAK; < 11 A.M.; at epigastrium. ABDOMEN SORE, > pressure; heavy, as of a lump; stitches; bearing down, against rectum; congested. Borborygmi. Colicky babies. RECTUM pains; itches; urging in; hæmorrhoidal habitus. Holds stool back from pain. DIARRHŒA; HURRIED, EARLY MORNING (Tub.), changing; mushy; stinking; painless; watery; gray froth; < milk; alternating with constipation. Burning, itching urethra. Hurried or nightly urination. Bed wetting. Testes hang low. Cutting in uterus; < menses. Burning, itching, sore vulva; < sitting. Puerperal sepsis. Acrid, foul menses. SUFFOCATIVE AIR HUNGER. Irregular breathing. Cough; violent, in 2 or 3 incomplete bouts. Deep, hoarse voice; early. Chest; rattling and heat at 11 A.M.; as of a band about or a load on; red; brown spots on. Pain backward from left nipple. Pneumonia. Heart seems too big. Palpitation, < lying. Nipples crack at base. Sharp burning in mammæ. Neck weak; boils on. Heavy shoulders. Aching between scapulæ. Lumbar pains; to stomach; walks bent; supports weight on hands, when sitting. Coccyx, pains during stools. Numb left arm, < lying. Palms crack and peel; eczema on; warts on. Numb fingers (r). Tense hamstrings (l). Cramp in calf (l). SOLES BURN; STICKS FEET OUT OF BED, AT NIGHT or are cold in bed; dry. Jerks one limb, on dropping to sleep. SKIN; dry: rough, wrinkled, scaly; ITCHING, violently at night; BREAKS OUT; festers, and won't heal; burning, when scratched; painfully sensitive to air, wind, washing, etc. Eruptions alternate with other complaints, asthma, etc. Crops of boils. Itch. Creeping erysipelas. Rhagades. Eczema. Ulcers. Skin under-nourished. Suppuration with air bubbles. Localised congestions. Hot vertex and soles. Inclined to uncover single parts. Craves fresh air. Drowsy, then migraine. Sleeps in cat naps. Sleepy by day, wakeful at night. Sleep; unrefreshing; sings during. Chills up back. Heat; feels too hot; flushes of; with general throbbing; between scapulæ. Sweat; in axillæ; on hands or feet.