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Mind.-- Extremely variable phenomena. Changing deliria of various sorts, frightful, loquacious, lead, ridiculous, with pride, etc. Funny pranks alternating with sad demeanor. Loud laughing alternating with sad demeanor. Loud laughing alternating with groaning and lamenting. Drollery alternating with earnestness. Premonitions of death alternating with attacks of rage. Ungovernable rage with great violence, howling, shrieking and striking about. Violent raving mains with frightful phantasies, visions, trembling and clonic spasms. Mental disturbances of drunkards. Extraordinary anxiety. Low - spirited, with weeping and fear of death. Melancholy. In consulate over trifles. Incessant idle talking. Constant restlessness. Want of memory. Insensible to mental impressions. Desire for light, company and sunshine. Illusions of fancy. Affectation.

Sensorium.-- Reeling, stupefying vertigo, with vanishing of sight and hearing, and headache. Light feeling in head. Fainting, with a dry throat, and a pale, followed by a red face.

Head.-- Hot, with a glowing red face, cold hands and feet, convulsive twitching of body from every touch, and aversion to uncover. Extraordinary congestion to. Headache, with vanishing of sight and hearing. Heat and throbbing in vertex. With vanishing of sight and hearing. Heat and throbbing in vertex, with fainting attacks. Convulsive motions, frequently raises it from pillow, or moves it to and fro. Meningitis. Hydrocephalus. Worse: Touch. Better: Lying quietly.

Eyes.-- Red, inflamed. Staring, sparkling. Distortions of lids. Inflammation of edges of lids. Dilated, insensible pupils. Short sight. Illusions of sight and hearing. Surrounding objects appear blue.

Face.-- Alternately pale and deep red, swollen, turgid. Stupid, disordered countenance. Anxiety and fear is expressed in countenance and actions. Deep folds and wrinkles on. Wasted countenance. Distortion of mouth. A yellow stripe on red part of lip.

Teeth.-- Inclination to gnash.

Mouth.-- Dry. Bloody foam at. Difficult swallowing from spasmodic constriction and dryness of throat. Swelling and paralysis of tongue. Stuttering with contortion of face. Complete aphonia.

Stomach.-- Anxiety in pit with oppressed breathing.

Hiccough, spasmodic.

Vomiting of sour mucus or green bile.

Appetite: Violent thirst. Fear or aversion to water and all fluids.

Taste: Bitter, in mouth. Tastelessness of food, it has no taste at all.

Abdomen.-- Hard, tensely distended. Painful to motion and touch. Hysterical spasm of. Bellyache, as though' navel would be torn out, and diarrhoea.

Stool.-- Retained. Cadaverous, stinking. Discharge of blood from anus.

Urine.-- Suppressed. Involuntary discharge.

Female.-- Menses: Increased, of coagulated, black blood. Rank stench of body during. Uterine hemorrhage.

Cough.-- Periodically recurring attacks of painless, barking, spasmodic dry cough, in a shrill screeching tone, excited by constriction of larynx and chest.

Respiration.-- Difficult, oppressed. Frequent sighing.

Larynx.-- Constriction of, and of chest muscles. Shrill screeching voice.

Chest.-- Spasm of muscles. Too profuse secretion of milk in nursing women.

Back.-- Bent backward.

Lower Extremities.-- He falls over his own feet.

Generalities.-- Trembling of limbs (also in drunkards). Increased and easier mobility of voluntary muscles. Graceful movements. Twitching in limbs. Crawling in limb. Spasmodic attacks. Convulsion. Chorea. Eclampsia. The convulsions are excited by the heat touch, as well as by glistening objects and light. Consciousness, with stiffness and immobility of body or with clonic spasms. The body is bent backward and the countenance distorted. Insensitive. Painlessness with most symptoms.

Skin.-- Effects of suppressed eruptions.

Sleep.-- Frightful phantasies during stupefying somnolency with snoring. Awakes frightened.

Fever.-- Pulse: Extremely irregular, mostly full, hard and accelerated, then again small and quick, sometimes slow and scarcely perceptible, also intermittent and trembling. Chill, and universal coldness, often very long continued, with a red face and twitching. Extraordinarily sensitive to uncovering. Running down back. Universal coldness in afternoon, after previous heat of head and face followed by general heat. Inflammatory fevers with deliria. Heat Of whole body with vivid redness of face and mostly with concomitant sweat. Hot, red face with cold hands and feet. Anxious heat, with vomiting. Sweat: Profuse over entire body, even with the heat, with great thirst. Only offensive heat, with great thirst. Oily, offensive General, colds. Copious, at night.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: AP., Bell., Cham., Cic., Gels., Hell., HYOS., Ign., Nux-v., Op., Plb., Verat-a.