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Mind.-- Vacancy and dull confusion in head, with pressure in eyes and cloudy vision. Great anxiety, with quick breathing. Melancholic mood, easily irritated by offences. Cheerfulness, with great excitability, which turns to anger and rage. Hypochondriasis.

Head.-- Dull outward pressure in forehead and orbits, as though' brain and eyes would be forced out, with sensitive eyes, Jerkings and thrusts in forehead. Congestion, with throbbing therein, especially when stopping. Hollow, empty feeling affecting eyes. The headache always extends to eyes, is intensified in a warm room and during rest and is better in the cold, open air. Shivering on scalp.

Eyes.-- Out pressing pain in orbits, as though' eyeballs were expanded, especially in evening by artificial light. Congestion of blood to eyes when stooping, with burning therein. Swelling of lids, with crawling therein. Hardened mucus crusts in lashes early in morning. Watering, when in open air and looking intently. Clouded cornea. Sensitive to light. Weak vision and flickering before.

Ears.-- Painfully sensitive hearing.

Nose.-- Odor: As of an ulcer in, as of pus before.

Face.-- Heat of. Burning vesicles on upper lip and in angles of mouth.

Mouth: - Burning on palate, in throat and at tip of tongue. Inflammatory swelling of fauces and uvula. Dry buccal cavity, with tenacious mucus in throat. Increased saliva. Roughness in throat.

Taste: Sweat, metallic or urinous, in mouth.

Stomach.-- Burning. Spasmodic pressure.

Appetite: - total loss of. Increased thirst.

Nausea: Starting in stomach, with gagging and inclination to vomit.

Abdomen.-- Warmth and oppression in upper, during inspiration. Boring, digging pain in upper. Drawing, as from a foreign body n wall of.

Stool.-- Retarded hard and too scanty.

Urine.-- Diminished discharge of. Nocturnal enuresis. Urine mixed with mucus threads, becoming turbid and cloudy on cooling. Burning and sticking in urethra during and after urination.

Sexual Organs.-- Increased sexual desire with painful erections.

Respiration.-- Difficult as from stoppage of lungs. Tight, as though' chest were too narrow, especially in open air when stooping. Short, from accumulation of mucus in chest and air passages.

Cough.-- Dry, shattering c., from burning and tickling in larynx, especially when open air and in evening, with copious expectoration of tenacious albuminous mucus, of a somewhat offensive odor in morning, and when in the house.

Larynx.-- Extraordinary quantity of mucus in, and in tracheas. Catarrhal croup. Tracheal phthisis, Hoarseness.

Chest.-- Congestion to, with throbbing therein while sitting. Pressing pain in, worse during rest. Great sensitiveness internally, and to touch externally. Stitches in, when coughing and during inspiration. Painful soreness of, increased by external pressure, sneezing, coughing, etc. Most chest symptoms are worse when at rest and have no influence on the breathing. Copious accumulation of mucus in. Phthisis mucosa. Hydrothorax. Violent, shaking palpitation.

Back.-- Bursting pain under right scapula.

Lower Extremities: Sense of great weariness, with trembling thereof. Paralytic weariness in joints of lower legs.

Generalities.-- Extraordinary mental and physical relaxation. Relaxed, plethoric, phlegmatic constitution, old persons. Great weakness, especially when it seem to start from chest. Diseases of the mucus membranes. Dropsy of the mucous membranes. Dropsy of internal parts (especially after inflammations).

Skin.-- Bites of poisonous animals. Anasarca.

Sleep.-- Sound and at same time stupefying, in evening immediately upon lying down. Frequently awakened by chest difficulties, toward morning.

Fever.-- Pulse: Irregular, mostly hard and accelerated, with strong of ebullition of blood, seldom soft. Chill: And shivering, almost exclusively in open air, with weariness in legs and difficult breathing. Shuddering over back, with heat of face. Chest symptoms and other sufferings: Heat: Only in rapid flashes. Sweat: Wholly wanting and appears only during its secondary action.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ars., Bell, Bry., Stann.