senecio aureus

Lack of reaction in genito-urinary sphere. Passive congestion, with irritation, profuse catarrhs, debilitating or vicarious discharges. Muscles draw into knots. Tightness, in nose, throat, etc. Globus.

Nervous, pale, weak, and sleepless women. Whining and irritable. Self-centered. Elated and sad alternately. Sharp pain backward over left eye. Burning in nostrils. Sneezing. Itching; caused by tears; in Eustachian tube. Twitching about mouth. Averse to sweets. Nausea or vomiting of renal origin. Uræmia. Griping at navel. Bloody stool or urine. Heat in neck of bladder; with renal pain. Dysuria; with dysmenorrhœa. Pains from ovaries into breasts. Functional amenorrhœa. Sexual irritations; excite discharges. Thick, yellow leucorrhœa; flows down thighs. Feels as if menses would come. Cough; tickling; with blood-streaked sputum; > menstruation. Burning in left nipple. Lumbar backache, as if to break; < amenorrhœa, renal disease, etc. Periodical, wandering rheumatism. Many dreams; erotic. Feet cold in bed. Brittle nails. Hay fever, with anorexia. Sleepless with amenia.