Secale cornutum


Mind.-- Weakened power of thinking. Illusion of fancy, of the senses. Unconscious or anxious, often passing into raving delirium. Melancholic sadness. Extraordinary anxiety. Madness with inclination to drown himself. Furious madness. Insanity with rage and mania to bite. Dejection with fear of death.

Sensorium.-- Reeling vertigo, as from intoxication. Unconsciousness and stupefaction.

Head.-- Crawling feeling in. Dull pain in occiput. Profuse falling of hair.

Eyes.-- Wild, staring look. Distorted. They are forced deep within their orbits. Darkened vision.

Ears.-- Transitory deafness.

Nose.-- Nosebleed.

Face.-- Discolored. Pale, yellowish color. Dark red. Blue rings about the deeply sunken eyes. Sunken, distorted. Spasmodic distortion of mouth. Formication on. Trismus.

Teeth.-- Loosen and fall out. Gnashing.

Mouth.-- Bloody or discolored foam before Insufferable crawling in throat and on tongue. Swelling of tongue, discolored, (brown or blackish) tongue. Mucus coat on tongue. Feeble, stammering speech as from paralysis of tongue.

Appetite: Great desire for acids. Violent thirst.

Taste: Pappy, in mouth.

Nausea, etc. - Constant qualmishness and inclination to vomit after every meal vomiting, Of bile, of mucus, painless, without any exertion.

Stomach.-- Extraordinary pressure, as from a load, in. Great anxiety and burning in pit, but still greater sensitiveness thereof to touch. Gangrene of.

Hypochondria: Inflammation and gangrene of liver.

Abdomen.-- Burning or cold sensation in. Colic with convulsions. Pain in region of loins, as from false labor pains.

Flatulence: Grumbling and rumbling in abdomen.

Stool.-- Watery diarrhoea, involuntary liquid stools. Debilitating diarrhoea.

Urine.-- Diminished or completely suppressed. Watery.

Sexual Organs.-- Labor pains are replaced by twitchings and spasms. Labor pains too violent and painful. Congestion to uterus. Inflammation of uterus after suppression of lochia or menses.

Female.-- Menses: Too profuse and too long continued, with bright or black, thin, fluid blood. Discharge of blood during pregnancy. Uterine hemorrhage. Lochia remain bloody too long. Miscarriage, especially at third month.

Respiration.-- Difficult, anxious r., with sighing and hiccough. Oppression of chest, as in suffocative catarrh.

Cough.-- Expectoration of blood, with or without cough.

Larynx.-- Hollow, hoarse voice.

Chest.-- Spasmodic palpitation.

Back.-- Coldness in (and in limbs.). Insensibility and crawling extending from back to finger - tips.

Upper Extremities.-- Numbness and deadness of hands. Burning in hands.

Lower Extremities.-- Violent cramps in calves. Burning in swollen feet. Crawling in toes. Gangrenous deadness of fingers and toes.

Generalities.-- Bruised feeling in limbs. Drawing and tearing, with crawling in limbs. Numbness of limbs. Burning in all parts of body, as if sparks were falling thereon. Indolence and great weariness. Convulsive twitching of limbs. Spasmodic distortion of limbs, only ameliorated by forcibly extending them. Tonic cramps and spasms. Pains in limbs motion. Aversion to cover and to heat, yet is objectively cold.

Skin.-- Wrinkled, discolored, dry, Numb and insensible. Desquamation of entire cuticle. Gangrenous blisters.

Sleep.-- Somnolency. - Deep, stupefying.

Fever.-- Pulse: Often quite unchanged, even with the most violent attacks. Mostly slow and contracted, sometimes intermittent or suppressed, somewhat accelerated during the heat, Only. Chill: violent, but short, soon followed by internal burning heat, with great thirst. Disagreeable cold feeling in back, abdomen and limbs. Heat: violent long continued, dry heat, with great restlessness and violent thirst. Sweat: Principally on upper part of body. General cold, clammy sweat.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Am - c., Ars., Bell., Coloc., Phos., Verat - a.

Complementary: Ars. Thuj.