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Mind.-- Mores peevishness with inclination to work. Frequent alternations of mood. The pains greatly affect his spirits and cause great depression.

Vertigo.-- Vertigo when looking a long time at a single object.

Head.-- Throbbing or sticking ache with nausea and sour vomiting. Vibrations, like the striking of a bell when talking. Sensitive scalp. Falling of hair.

Eyes.-- Sticking in. Pain, in the daylight. Blue swelling in inner canthi. Dim vision, as though' in a fog. Paper has a red appearance in evening.

Face.-- Eruption, like milk crust. Stiffness and tension in masseter muscles and maxillary joint. Herpes on upper lip.

Teeth.-- Sensitive upper incisors. Tearing in, from cold air or cold drinks.

Throat.-- Dryness and roughness in, early in morning. Spasmodical constriction of, with respiratory complaints.

Taste: Bitter, in mouth. Food is tasteless.

Stomach.-- Burning in, especially after eating bread. Loss of feeling in after eating, as though' he had eaten nothing at all.

Appetite: Loss of, even the thought of food disgusts him.

Eructations: Bitter or sour, during and after eating.

Abdomen.-- Sensation of emptiness and rumbling in. Sticking in (left) side of. Burning or cold sensation in.

Stool.-- Hard scanty, retarded. Difficult, painful, nearly causing fainting.

Urine.-- Frequent, ineffectual urging to urinate. Diminished discharge. Ischuria with discharge of a white, acrid material and mucus. Profuse discharge of pale u. Painful constriction of bladder. Calculi of bladder and kidneys.

Sexual Organs.-- Excessive stomach about. Suppressed gonorrheal discharges after abuse of mercury.

Respiration.-- Great tightness of r., which necessitates loosening the neck band and vest in order to breathe Oppression as from spasm impeding the breathing. He frequently takes a deep breath.

Back.-- Stitches, from the least motion.

Upper Extremities.-- Stitches in arm, hand and finger joints, also in legs, especially from every motion. Deep cracks on fingers, with burning pains. Festering pain in finger lips.

Lower Extremities.-- Weariness in thighs and in knee joints. Red herpes on calves. Extraordinary cold feet.

Generalities.-- Paralytic tearing in all limbs and joints. Chronic, gouty pains with diminished secretion of urine, after taking cold from getting wet (and stoppage of gonorrhea). Trembling of hands and feet. Immobile limbs, as from paralysis. Emaciation on great that the skin shrivels and fells into folds.

Skin.-- Dry, pimply eruption, which itches in warmth only Miliary rash as soon as he goes from a warm room into cold air. Ulcers (from the abuse of mercury) deep cracks in.

Sleep.-- Nightly sleeplessness with frequent awaking. Frightful dreams.

Fever.-- Pulse: somewhat accelerated, with violent ebullition, mostly toward evening. Chill: Predominates by day and night. Numerous shiverings running upward mostly in forenoon. Coldness of whole body, with exception of face and chest, most on feet, even near a warm stove. He is always at his worst during the chill. Heat: In evening, with ebullition and palpitation. Warm feeling in evening with increased sense of well being. Sweat: In evening during the heat, but only forehead.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Bell., CALC-C., Merc., sul.